The Network Leadership Team engages experts in the core themes of the Network, with a track record of research excellence and established or developing links with research institutions in Japan.

Network Management Board

N_Hyatt Professor Neil Hyatt (Director & PI), is Professor of Nuclear Materials Chemistry and Royal Academy of Engineering & Nuclear Decommissioning Professor of Radioactive Waste Management. He is also Head of Department of Materials Science & Engineering at The University of Sheffield. He was a member of Government’s Nuclear Research Innovation & Advisory Board from 2013-16. Learn more.
 Malcolm Joyce  

Professor Malcolm Joyce (Co-Director & Co-PI), is Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Lancaster University. He is Co-chair of the National Nuclear Users Facility, Editor of Progress in Nuclear Energy and Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. Nuc. Sci.  In 2014 he was awarded the James Watt Medal for best paper to ICE Proc. Energy. He was a member of Government’s Nuclear Research Innovation & Advisory Board from 2013-16. Learn more.

 Bill Lee  

Professor Bill Lee FREng (CI),  is Professor of Ceramic Science and Engineering at Imperial College London and President of the American Ceramic Society.  He was previously Director of the Centre for Nuclear Engineering (2008-16), Deputy Chair of Government Advisory Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (2007-13), and a member of Government’s Nuclear Research Innovation & Advisory Board (2013-16). Learn more.

 Bruce Hanson  

Professor Bruce Hanson (CI), holds the Leadership Chair in Nuclear Process Engineering at The University of Leeds and is Director of Student Education in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering. He is Honorary Professor of Nuclear Engineering at University College London and a Visiting Senior Fellow at NNL, and a member of the UK National Nuclear Users Facility Steering Committee. Learn more.


Network Theme Leaders

 Joe Hriljac Dr Joe Hriljac  (CI, Theme Lead for Decommissioning),  is Reader in Materials Chemistry at The University of Birmingham and is Director of the Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research.  Learn more.


 Chris Jones Dr Chris Jones (CI, Theme Lead for Public Communication) is a Lecturer in social and environmental psychology at The University of Sheffield, with expertise in assessing public perceptions of energy technologies. Learn more.


 Chris Pain Professor Chris Pain (CI, Theme Lead for Reactor Safety & Regulation) is Professorial Research Fellow and head of the Applied Computation and Modelling Group at Imperial College London Learn more.


 Bill Nutall Professor Bill Nuttall (CI, Theme Lead for Nuclear Policy) is Professor of Energy at the Open University, and is a member of the Nuclear Power Committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Learn more.


 Jo Renshaw Dr Joanna Renshaw (CI, Theme lead for Environmental Safety) is Senior Lecturer in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Strathclyde University, with expertise in microbial interactions with radionuclides. Learn more.


 Andrew Buchan Dr Andrew Buchan (CI, Champion for Early Career Researchers), is an EPSRC Fellow at Imperial College London. He is a member of the OECD-NEA Expert Group on Multi-physics Experimental Data, Benchmarks and Validation (EGMPEBV). Learn more.


C_Corkhill Dr Claire Corkhill (CI, Champion for Outreach), is Senior Lecturer and holds an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship in nuclear and environmental geochemistry at The University of Sheffield. Learn more.